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Non-Environmental Permitting Services

TurnKey understands that large-scale infrastructure development projects have unique, challenging, and potentially lengthy permitting requirements. Whether it's strategizing the interplay between federal regulations (i.e. FERC) and local agency requirements, or navigating the state, county and local permitting and approval process, developers need a consulting partner with experience and expertise to maintain compliance and minimize schedule impact.


Projects like pipeline and utility transmission lines, roadway improvements, solar, wind, natural gas, electrical and carbon capture facility energy installations have unique, field specific permitting and approval requirements. It is essential that these niche requirements be managed by a teaming partner who has industry specific experience. TurnKey staff have managed permitting for thousands of miles of transmission line installations of various size and use, and hundreds of miles of roadway improvement projects.

TurnKey's approach is to develop an understanding of the project objectives, and non-environmental permitting responsibilities, and then determine the permitting requirements of all of the agencies. TurnKey reviews the design to determine compliance with agency requirements, and then develops a permitting plan and documents needed in order to mitigate the risks caused by schedule, non-compliance, and agency review times.  Often the permitting process requires several steps after application, and TurnKey manages these requirements to assure permit is approved to allow the project to proceed with construction on schedule.  Staying apprised of project changes and objectives allows TurnKey to identify needs and respond. Developing strong personal relationships with the agencies is key to project success. 

Our Focus

  • Road Crossing Permits 

  • Driveway Permits 

  • Rail Road Crossing Agreements 

  • Electric Transmission Lines 

  • Trail Crossing Permits

  • Floodplain Permits 

  • Haul Route Planning 

  • Road Use Agreements 

  • Utility Relocations 

  • Overhead Power line Voltage & Height



Facility Permitting Services

Our team members have experience providing facility permitting services nationwide, having successfully coordinated  non-environmental permitting requirements for over 60 compressor station, capture facility, pump station and other energy facility projects in well over a dozen states coast to coast. We've also coordinated permitting for over 100 valve site installations associated with pipelines. Every state and each county and municipality have their own unique permitting requirements, making it essential to understand not only how to obtain a permit, but also how to identify those obscure requirements that are specific to each site. This is especially important for national companies, who rarely develop more than one project in the same location.

TurnKey offers a full suite of permitting and coordination services to manage requirements throughout the life of your construction project. We perform directed research and work closely with permitting agencies to identify requirements. We coordinate with our clients, contractors, and the design team to develop permit application packages, and act as the main point of contact on behalf of the client to procure the required permits on time to avoid project delays. We act as your permitting compliance coordinator throughout the life of your construction project, identifying permit restrictions and responsibilities, ensuring that permit requirements are met during construction, and managing permit closeout at the conclusion of your project. For projects requiring special inspections, we coordinate and manage that process from start to finish as well. 

TurnKey is a one stop shop for your non-environmental permitting and inspection coordination needs.

Our Focus

  • Zoning & Land Use Approvals 

  • Building Permits 

  • Special Inspections Coordination 

  • Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing 

  • Site Development & Grading

  • Floodplain Permits 

  • Septic Systems & Wells 

  • Public Utility Coordination 

  • Driveway Access Permits 

  • Demolition Permitting 

  • Solar Installations

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