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Project Management Services

TurnKey approaches each project phase with the objective of increasing communication, collaboration and exceeding client expectations for customer service.  Our effective leaders take a purpose based approach to building client and stakeholder trust by acting with the highest ethical standards, treating others with honesty and respect, and keeping promises and commitments.


TurnKey Project Managers apply various techniques to the project management knowledge areas of integration, scope, schedule, cost, quality, resource, communication, risk, procurement and stakeholder management. TurnKey is committed to the growth of people and community. 


Our Focus

  • People 

  • Communication  

  • Character 

  • Community

  • Respect 

  • Agility 

  • Continuing Growth 

Critical Issues Analysis

One of TurnKey's core project service offerings is our Critical Issues Analysis. By getting involved early in the review of potential development sites, TurnKey can identify critical flaws, development hurdles, and approval challenges that provide clients with relevant and critical information to make strategic go/no-go decisions on projects. Our Critical Issues Analysis services include:

  • Environmental and non-environmental permitting requirements at a federal, state and local level 

  • Wetlands, streams and floodplain impacts

  • Protected lands, cultural resources, and threatened & endangered species conflicts

  • Soils and geology

  • Farmland and environmental justice classifications

  • Visual and aesthetic impacts and resources

  • Community perception and opposition

  • Maintenance Optimization

  • Life Cycle Cost Projections

  • Risk Identification



Asset Management Services

TurnKey provides Asset Management Services to owners and Agencies that are responsible for maintaining infrastructure.  Knowing what assets you have, and the condition of those assets, allows these owners to forecast budgets and to perform the right maintenance at the right time.  TurnKey works together with the owners to develop strategies that fit the desirable level of service, taking into account the asset conditions and fiscal constraints.


Our Focus

  • Asset Identification

  • Imagery Documentation

  • Condition Evaluation


Approach and Methodology

For pavements, condition evaluation methodology can include sample section-based PCI evaluations per ASTM D6433 or full pavement area PASER evaluations. TurnKey collects and utilizes Turn360 imagery with AI data extraction modeling to identify and geographically inventory desired above-ground roadway assets and assess condition. With that inventory, we can develop a wholistic and comprehensive asset management plan and maintenance cost projections for the asset network and custom-built management tools for scenario and budget planning. The developed plan and tool will integrate various asset types to ensure all assets are considered when project and maintenance planning occurs, to ensure no assets are neglected throughout the lifecycle of a roadway.

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