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-Turning vision into reality-



At TurnKey, our Mission is to strategically navigate the complexities of energy projects through technical expertise and relationship building, to be our clients trusted resource, easy button and turnkey solution.

We focus on specialty services that are essential to project success, but not typically given the specialized attention they require. These services include project acquisition, access and approvals. We work for developers of large infrastructure projects, mainly in the energy, renewable and utility sectors, such as CCS, pipelines, solar, wind and electric transmission. TurnKey uses exceptional customer service, technical expertise and personal relationships to find innovative proactive solutions. We strive to be that essential service provider, whether it be as a one-stop shop for developers, or as a strong partner to add value to any project team.

Core Values


Exceeding expectations by providing excellent customer service, and partnering with clients to be their easy button and turnkey solution. 


Providing innovative solutions and sustaining technical excellence through agility, responsiveness, and proactive collaboration.


Cultivating meaningful connections with employees, clients, and stakeholders to build personal relationships that are strengthened with empathy, active listening, support and respect.


Embracing diversity of perspectives, experiences, aptitudes, traditions, and skills by asserting inclusive human rights and equitable practices.


Rewarding action, ambition, professional growth, and performance that creates personal improvement and mutual benefits for the client, the organization and for all.

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