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TurnKey is a consulting, project management, and turnkey access firm offering services to the energy industry and other private industry clients with large infrastructure development projects, as well as mobile imagery and mapping services to a range of public and community.

TurnKey consulting and management services include transportation infrastructure and route planning, regulatory and permitting compliance, road use agreements and contract negotiations, and land acquisition/management. TurnKey, as a national company, is uniquely suited among competitors to provide these services because it is owned and managed entirely by experienced professionals who have a track record and reputation for providing such services to industry stakeholders.


In providing those direct services on large scale development projects, the need for myriad additional services presents itself, from professional design and service providers, to construction contractors, inspectors and managers across the spectrum of disciplines. Through our carefully crafted and mutually beneficial master services agreements, TurnKey has the ability to onboard contract labor and service providers quickly and at low overhead to respond to client needs in real time, while maintaining and ensuring a “zero incidents” safety culture.  This allows TurnKey to use local resources to provide for complete access to a project.

With our one-of-a-kind Turn360 product suite, TurnKey offers on-demand 360 roadway imagery collection and upload services. Private clients with roadway maintenance obligations utilize Turn360 to capture roadway conditions at milestone dates for periodic assessment of changing conditions. Public and Community clients utilize Turn360 as a roadway imageryon-demand service, allowing them to select key roadway segments for 360 imagery capture and upload to Google's public mapping system.


Industry stakeholders value single-source, reliable partners who can package services and provide predictability for their bottom line. TurnKey offers a one-of-a-kind approach to this partnership.

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TurnKey Logistics, LLC

13610 Pristine Park Dr

Houston, TX 77041



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