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Our Experience

TurnKey has a team of trained professionals ready to manage your project’s public engagement and relations needs. Our staff have managed public engagement on major national projects facing strong opposition and have helped clients navigate those challenges. We’ve served as public information officers on municipally funded projects, and worked with community leaders and used creative strategies to help projects get their foot in the door with difficult agencies.


Members of our team also bring experience serving in local government, with non-profit organizations, as attorneys, industry experts, and as public relations professionals. We work closely with doctorate level communications and relationship consultants who are experienced at studying communities and developing outreach and presentation strategies. We have in-house graphic design professionals ready to prepare information handouts and other presentation materials

Our Approach

We understand that each project and community is unique, so there is no one-size-fits-all approach to Public engagement.  We start by familiarizing ourselves on local regulation and approval requirements, public perception, and agency concerns, to better understand both the client’s goals and the public engagement challenges for the project. Armed with this knowledge, we act as your main point of contact with the public. Our engagement strategy includes direct outreach, public presentations, fielding the challenging questions posed by members of the public, developing vetted responses in coordination with the client team, and providing direct and respectful responses that serve the project.


During your project, we identify important sponsors, stakeholders, and members of the public within the project’s community, and work with each to ensure their input is understood. We can also identify opportunities for the client to engage and contribute to the communities they serve through investment, donations, and volunteer opportunities.


We meticulously oversee and ensure proper execution of public engagement and outreach, track progress and communicate results.

Our Focus

  • Public Information Professionals

  • Manage Community Relationships

  • Perform Directed Research on Communities

  • Keep Community Stakeholders Informed

  • Track Progress on Public Engagements

  • Maintain Positive Relationships with Local Government Officials

  • Manage Scheduling and Resources for Public Involvement

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