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Our experience, transparency and ethics within the ROW industry prove we are a team that delivers. Our TurnKey personnel have managed and executed Right of Way Easements, Site Leases, and Fee Acquisition for large and small-scale electric transmission, solar/wind development and liquid and natural gas pipelines. No project is too big or small. We are your complete and overall land management team.

Our Approach


We work with stakeholders and the community to develop an understanding of project goals, vision, and potential challenges. We develop targeted engagement plans, assemble subject matter experts, build teams skilled to orchestrate each phase, execute acquisition thoughtfully and efficiently, and track results. Developing strong relationships with landowners and community is TurnKey’s talent. Let us put that talent to work for you, today!

  • Land & ROW Acquisitions - Fee Negotiations

  • Document Creation: Agreements, Workspace, Facility & ROW Easements, Ratifications, Road Use Maintenance Agreements, Affidavits, Supplementals, Amendments, and more.

  • Document Execution & Filing/Recording

  • Seasoned Leadership, Staff & Project Management

  • Document Specialists & Administrative Assistants

Strategic Integration

TurnKey monitors and maintains real-time project information and acquisition status. We survey and gauge risks, work with landowners to provide positive assurances and establish positive client relations within the community. We also utilize our GIS and TURN360 imagery service as a value add for performance. Turn360 is a revolutionary 360º radius road video system that allows TurnKey the ability to document and provide immediate access to track haul roads, test sites and crossing locations. TURN360 is an advanced tool excellent for presenting the proposed project line to county engineers, as they can instantly identify road crossings, determine and document conditions before, during and after construction, and monitor any damages or municipal concerns at any time during construction. With our GIS team and adaptable data management systems, Turnkey provides accurate and detailed deliverables that will be a resource to the client for years.

  • Cursory, vesting, marketable, surface, mineral title, interest and heirship research

  • 30 to 150-year abstracts

  • Due diligence, parcel identification, deed plotting, reconciliation and matching original easements via GIS, strip maps and plan & profiles.

  • Curative title services, review commitments, attorney title opinions and create curative documents

  • bringdowns, LTCs, LTAs

  • Ownership reports, runsheets, flow charts


TurnKey provides a full suite of title services to meet our client needs. Our experienced title agents are subject matter experts, proficient in identifying and curing a wide range of title issues through the creation of affidavits, estoppels, non-development/production, as well as securing subordination and non-disturbance agreements.

Vesting Title - determination of current ownership, tax status and lien search.

Marketable Title - 30-year title (or longer timeframe as directed by client), run chain to warranty deed, establish current owner in fee, locate encumbrances, easements, leases, unsatisfied mortgages, and any restrictive covenants running with the land.

Abstract & Adverse Title - Provide all data needed to ensure quality of title, identify any clouds, gaps, risks, and interest.

Subsurface / Mineral Title - Run chain of title back to when minerals were severed, then leases and easements can be forward-searched to capture assignments, unitizations and/or releases.

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