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Construction Management Services

Clients come to TurnKey for project based construction management staffing needs. We can provide the talent, on a contract basis, to meet your specific construction management needs. The right CM helps ensure project team members at the site are on the same page, and production activities are organized and on schedule. Our managers have the experience and confidence to handle the inevitable challenges of the job site as they arise. We sweat the details so project owners don't have to.


TurnKey also provides a contracting mechanism to allow our clients to come to utilize our firm to retain contract labor of their choosing when the need arises. TurnKey manages the contracting and invoicing process so clients can focus on results.

Our Focus

  • Construction Management

  • Construction Inspection

  • Special Inspection Coordination

  • Plans, Specifications and Estimates

  • Bidding

  • Daily Reporting
  • Agency Coordination

  • Pay Request & Invoice Review

  • Pre-Construction Services

  • Change Order Assessment

  • Project Closeout & Acceptance



Land Acquisition Services

TurnKey can provide contract based staffing to manage Land Acquisition services for infrastructure development, modification and maintenance projects including pipelines, facilities, utilities, roads and multimodal projects.  Projects our staff has been involve with range from small valve/well sites, up to 170 mile greenfield pipeline projects. 

TurnKey prioritizes customer service, innovation and responsiveness to meet the fast-paced demands of our clients.  We build custom teams, listen to our client’s needs, and adapt and respond to meet the project goals, schedule and budgets.  TurnKey provides a full-service flexible team to acquire all the necessary land rights and act as a main point of contact for landowner and agency interaction.


TurnKey appreciates that projects, once developed, produce profit driven outcomes, meaning that any delay, even a single day, comes at a major cost to the client.  TurnKey is committed to building resilient client and landowner relationships that achieve these goals. 

Our Focus

  • Title Research 

  • Title Curative  

  • Survey Permissions 

  • Rights Acquisition 

  • Document Control & Management 

  • Project Management 

  • Operation Support 

  • Administrative Assistance 

  • Field Administration 

  • GIS & Mapping 

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