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Haul Route Planning Services

TurnKey staff have performed haul route planning and assessments for pipeline, facility, well sites, superloads, and general construction activities on thousands of miles of public roads.   

The objective with Haul Route Planning is to determine the best route to get from an origin to a destination.  TurnKey begins by identifying those origin and destination points, and the uses tools to estimate the type and volume of construction traffic for the project.  This information is overlaid with the roadway attributes, restrictions, and safety information, which are reviewed collectively to determine the best routes to designate as haul routes. Input from the project team and the Agencies during this phase is valuable, as are additional field views. Trust but verify. Don’t try to use google maps for truck routing.


Deliverables can include mapping, driving directions, traffic control and management plans for narrow roads, and estimates of road maintenance costs.   

Our Focus

  • Ownership Determination 

  • Road Attribute Population 

  • Data Inventory & Assessment  

  • Restriction Identification 

  • Traffic Projection 

  • Maintenance Cost Estimating 

  • Haul Route Mapping 

  • Safety Review 

  • Agency Projects



RUMA Services

The Agencies that own and maintain public roads are tasked with protecting the operation and safety of those roads.  Increasingly, the Agencies look to make private companies responsible for damages caused by their use of the roadway.  A contract commonly called a Road Use or Excess Maintenance Agreement, or Bonding, makes the private company responsible.  TurnKey's staff have provided extensive consultation for over 100 RUMAs as a result of increased energy development activity.  It’s important that the private company have an advocate to protect their interest in these agreements. 

TurnKey can coordinate the process of entering into a RUMA while looking out for the Operator’s interest.   TurnKey also advises which roads to utilize as part of Haul Route Planning, and document the condition of the roads as part of Street View and Windshield Video. 

Our Focus

  • Document Road Conditions

  • Negotiation of Repairs

  • Contract Terms 

  • Contract Coordination & Administration 

  • Condition Evaluation 

  • Expert Testimony

  • Scoping & Bidding 

  • Construction Management 

  • Construction Inspection 

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